Oman Coast Tour 2022​


Day 1

At 06.45h we landed on time in Muscat. We and our luggage were complete and so we were looking forward to our local guides Abdul Rahman and Hilal. With the bus and traditional Omani coffee and Halwa we went on to our first hotel in Nizwa. Some sleep did us good… but then the urge to do something caught up with us and we went to the souk. Wonderful! Especially the sunset… tomorrow we will start the first stage… With a lot of anticipation.

Your Zollinger Team Nadine and Bruno


Day 2

Circumnavigation Masirah Island. Located in the east of Oman, the island is 94 km long and about 12-15 km wide. Almost all of the 12’000 inhabitants live at the harbor, so the rest of the island seems deserted.

We enjoyed incredible beautiful-but also somewhat hard 120km, respectively it was 132km… the difference is Omani arithmetic.

The pictures speak for themselves… Warm greetings to Switzerland and Germany!


Day 3 to Duqm

Early in the morning we took the ferry back to the mainland and from there about 1h further with our tour bus. But then it should start. It did, although everyone was still a little tired from the day before.
Nevertheless, we made good progress and the desert showed us today how different it can be. At the very end there was a small pass to master – 150 meters of altitude are already a lot – and so at the end there were 90 km on our speedometer.

Not much you think? With 37 degrees and a lot of headwind you feel challenged, we can promise you that.

Best regards from hospitable Oman
Your ZRR guests with Nadine & Bruno


Wow, wow, wow

Wow, wow, wow… what a day. 100 km and 1351 meters of altitude along the Omani coast towards Salalah. This stage is surely one of the top 5 in our history. Beaming faces and top fit guests…. Rinaldo gave everything in the second half and won the “Täfelisprint” and Elisabeth fought her way up the steep ramps up to 13%!


After yesterday was very pristine (eating and sleeping in a former fishing village, where the 10 – year old boys play “cab” with the cars of their parents), today we were allowed to move into our very comfortable 5 – star resort.

Tomorrow we have earned the rest day!

Sunny hot greetings from all the heroes of the lonely coastal road


Rest day

Rest day at the Oman Coast Tour in Salalah. A visit to the souk, drinking coconut milk at the roadside followed by lunch and tasting camel meat were adventure enough for today. The rest of the day we spent relaxing at the pool or reading. Tomorrow we will continue…

Have a nice evening and sporty relaxed greetings to all of you!
Nadine & Bruno and all very happy ZRR guests


Day 6

90km on the highlands of Salalah… were incredibly beautiful. At over 940m above sea level it was noticeably cooler and more pleasant. Only the initially fierce headwind made us create, but partly this returned the favor in tailwind and then we were at work with over 40 things… but the time played a minor role today anyway.

We enjoyed the wonderful landscape, which reminded us first of Andalusia and later, when it became really green, even a small breath of Tuscany came up in us… only the innumerable camel and cow herds as well as the hearty small donkeys did not let us digress then nevertheless too firmly into the distance. Finally, there was the view of the sea and a descent with 750 Hm…. “La Vie est belle”.
And last but not least… we know now that Jupiter is shining for us and not Venus, gäll Norma.

Sleep well and give us another day with over 30ig degrees.
Your ZRR- Team with all guests


Oman Coast: Rollout stage

Oman Coast Tour: rollout stage… with 50km… it was called… and it started harmlessly with the visit of a waterfall… then we were transported up the first hill by bus and everyone thought that it would go on flat now… the climbs between 10-14 percent taught us something else and took our guts out again. But the landscape with its herds of camels and cattle was worth all the effort and on the descent from 1040 m above sea level even our Rinaldo was beaming again.

So now it’s already coming to an end… a great experience with many different impressions of the country, the people and the bike. Special thanks to our two local guides Abdul Rahman and Hilal. And a huge compliment to our great guests. You are great.

Bye bye until the next tour!
Your Nadine & Bruno

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