About us

Road bike tours on great routes around the globe, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, professionally guided and carefully organized from A to Z – that’s what Zollinger Cycling Tours stands for.

We know both the needs of our guests and our destinations very well and therefore offer the right thing for everyone – be it our pleasure, adventure or active tours. With a lot of passion and living enthusiasm we create great racing bike moments for our customers in a familiar atmosphere – far away from the mainstream.

Our team

What makes us

Carefully selected & typical country accommodations

Small groups (8-10 guests per guide, max. 30 guests per trip)

First class rental bikes of the brand "Storck" on each of our trips

We fly our road bikes to our destinations worldwide

Unusual routes - far from the tourist trails

Our team is there for you around the clock when you travel

Varied travel categories; pleasure, adventure or ambition.

All-round carefree package:

Only with us: Touring jerseys of the brand Bergfloh

Our history

  • 1992

    Gusti Zollinger founds "Fun for Bike" and leads the first organized group trip with friends.

  • The idea on the Costa Blanca

    Training together with the friends and guests on the Spanish mainland in Calpe.

  • Velo-Gümmeler

    In the meantime, Gusti was a permanent fixture among the "Gümmelers" in Switzerland.

  • Senior World Champion

    He was known as a multiple world champion and Swiss champion for seniors on the road and on the track. But he was also an ambitious fighter at military bike races and won the biggest bike race in Switzerland from St. Gallen to Zurich several times.

  • Fun for bike

    "Fun for Bike" was renamed "Gusti Zollinger Radsportreisen".

  • Collaboration with Universal Mallorca

    It was only later that Gusti Zollinger Radsportreisen conquered Mallorca and worked closely with the Universal hotel group.

  • Guides

    Many of his former racing colleagues have now become guides and accompany the more than 500 guests over the craziest cycling island in the world.

  • Mallorca bike tours

    Since they had to bring the material back to Switzerland after the spring season, they started to organize cycling trips from Mallorca or Calpe back to Switzerland. This way, on the one hand, the material could be brought back, but on the other hand, two eventful weeks could be spent with guests on the "Göpel".

  • Destination expansion

    Further destinations were added: The Pyrenees but also the Swiss Alpine passes had taken Gusti's fancy.

  • 30'000 kilometers per year

    Every year Gusti rode along on his bike on every trip.
    As a result, even at the age of 70, he was still clocking up almost 30,000 km a year. Always with him, his wife Andrea.

  • South Africa

    Gusti fell in love not only with Andrea, but also with South Africa, where he still winters. He quickly discovered that you can ride beautiful tours there and so he was the first of all road bike tour operators to show his guests this wonderful country.

  • 2014

    At 70 Gusti handed over his inheritance to one of his guests. Bruno Schulze actually only wanted to help to find a suitable successor, until he himself followed in Gusti's footsteps.

  • Top priority

    Admittedly, it was not very easy to carry on Gusti's legacy, as many things were geared towards him. The family and personal contact was still a matter of the heart.

  • Zollinger Radsportreisen

    This is how Gusti Zollinger Radsportreisen became Zollinger Radsportreisen.

  • Spain/Mallorca supplier

    From the then Spain/Mallorca provider, ZRR has developed into a tour operator with special road bike tours all over the world.

  • Extraordinary. Personal.

    Under the company motto "Extraordinary. Personal." we are on the road all over Europe, the Middle East, Asia or in North America - and of course still in South Africa.

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