Italian Lakes

14.09. – 21.09.2024

A journey on two wheels along enchanting shore worlds.

Welcome to an exciting journey along the breathtaking Italian lakes – Lago di Como, Lago di Maggiore and Lago di Varese.

These regions of Italy are not only known for their picturesque landscapes and charming towns, but also offer first-class opportunities for us road cyclists. On this trip we will get on our bikes and explore the shores of these lakes, framed by majestic mountains and offering a fascinating mix of culture, nature and culinary delights. No bags need to be packed this week, our hotel will remain the same all week.

For those who can’t get enough of Italy, we recommend booking our cycling week “Italy – Coast to Coast” directly afterwards. We will then cycle from the Ligurian coast to the Adriatic Sea.

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Horizon Wellness & Spa Resort

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of northern Italy, the “Horizon Wellness & Spa Resort – Best Western Signature Collection” awaits you. A true jewel of relaxation. Just a few kilometers from the charming town of Varese, the hotel offers a perfect combination of modern comfort and first-class service. It is nestled in the greenery, has two pools and a small spa & wellness center. Breakfast consists of an international buffet with everything your heart desires. Here we enjoy ourselves after our trips.

Travel overview



75 - 145


750 - 1240m



Fitness Groups


Stage plan

Day 1

Saturday, September 14th 2024


Today we will travel individually to Varese by train or car. We look forward to getting to know each other over dinner.

Day 2

Sunday, September 15, 2024

Single-route stage (75-90 km / 750 Hm)

During our trip we will ride along the picturesque Lago di Varese and set course for the northernmost point, where we turn off to Lago di Monate. Today, Lake Maggiore is at the top of our list and we look forward to enjoying this breathtaking lake to the fullest. At lunch we can hardly get our fill, the Italian cuisine offers everything the heart desires. On our way back we will also explore Lago di Cornabbio and discover even more of the fascinating beauty of this region.

Day 3

Monday, 16.09.2024

Tour 2 (100km / 1000 Hm)

Soon our journey will take us along the enchanting Lago di Lugano. On our way, which will take us past places like Ponte Tresa, Lugano and Melide, we will return to Lombardy. Along the way we will be accompanied by picturesque villages and the inviting Mediterranean flair of this area. Our destination is Como, where we will surely take time to enjoy a delicious cappuccino or espresso in front of the majestic Duomo.

Day 4

Tuesday, 17.09.2024

Tour 3 (105km / 780 Hm)

Today we set out to explore the enchanting south. Our route will take us past charming Lombard villages, idyllic small lakes and river landscapes. Our route takes us through Nosate along the Ticino River and on to Seste Carlende. As a sweet conclusion to our exploration, the fascinating view of Lago di Cornabbio from the other side, as well as the enchanting Lago di Monate awaits us.

Day 5

Wednesday, 18.09.2024

Rest day

Shoe shopping in Varese? Or Italian leather goods in Como? Or rather a deck chair and wellness? Or rather a little excursion? Whatever, we will have something to talk about during our dinner together.

Day 6

Thursday, 19.09.2024

King stage (145km / 1240 Hm)

We cycle along the picturesque Lago di Como to Menaggio. There we take a well-deserved break and board the ferry. On the other side of the lake we continue our ride towards Lecco. During our return trip we enjoy the breathtaking view of Lago di Amone and Lago di Pusiano. To duly round off this perfect day, we treat ourselves to a refreshing 'cold bowl drink'.

Day 7

Friday, 20.09.2024

Trip into the blue (80-90 Km / 800 Hm)

Our journey continues to Lago di Montorfano, where we settle down for an extensive 'pranzo' (lunch) and take the opportunity to enjoy the delicious Italian cuisine to the full. So here we can really indulge in the sweet 'dolce far niente' of Italy.

Day 8

Saturday, 21.09.2024


Today we start our return journey to Switzerland, or we take the transfer to Genoa. There we will start our "Coast to Coast" tour!



from CHF 1'800.00


Rental bikes

If you don’t want to bring your own bike, we also offer high quality road bikes of the noble brand Storck for our domestic bike tours. Our bikes are equipped with Look or SPD pedals. Please bring other pedal systems with you. If you don’t want to give up your usual seating comfort, bring your saddle.

We make sure that the bikes are safely taken care of on the road.

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