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The racing bike
Important tips & tricks about our favorite pastime!

Our taster course on road biking is the perfect introduction for anyone who wants to get to know this fascinating sport.

How do I sit properly on my road bike anyway? How do I mend a plate?

Here you will learn all the basics about road cycling, the correct posture on the bike and the techniques for efficient pedaling and shifting. In addition, important safety aspects and traffic rules will be looked at to keep everyone safe on the roads.

The opportunity to try out different road bike models and learn from our experienced guides makes our taster course an exciting and educational day for anyone interested in road biking.

Whether as a new hobby or to increase your first skills, this is a great opportunity to get into this exciting sport!

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Racing bikes

If you don't want to bring your own bike, we offer high quality road bikes of the noble brand Storck for our domestic bike tours. Our bikes are equipped with Look or SPD pedals. Please bring other pedal systems with you. If you don't want to give up your usual seating comfort, bring your saddle. We make sure that the bikes are safely taken care of on the road.

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