Toronto - Boston - New York

16.08. – 01.09.2024

Once in a Lifetime – Tour

From the majestic lakes to the glittering Atlantic, our journey takes us through the metropolises of Boston and New York. In between we find a fascinating landscape with countless lakes and rivers, wild nature and enchanting cities.

Along the way we experience unique natural spectacles such as Niagara Falls and cross majestic rivers like the Hudson – and Connecticut River. The highlight of this extraordinary tour is undoubtedly the entry into New York, where we sail through the Bronx and celebrate our conclusion with a relaxing lap through Central Park overlooking Manhattan. Our first-class crew will provide all-round carefree service and, as always, we have racing bikes on site so that our guests can enjoy this unforgettable adventure to the full.

Welcome to a journey full of fascinating discoveries and memorable experiences.

Trip Overview





9'850 m



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Stage plan

Day 1

Friday, 16. August 2024

Arrival in Toronto

We begin our journey with an exciting departure flight to Zurich and a comfortable journey to Toronto. Upon arrival, we are smoothly transferred to our comfortable hotel. Here we gather for a hearty meal together and a formal welcome to celebrate the adventures ahead.

Day 2

Saturday, 17. August 2024

Exploring Toronto

Today we explore the fascinating city of Toronto with an exciting city tour. Toronto, the multicultural metropolis, awaits us with its impressive sights and unique charm.

Day 3

Sunday, 18. August 2024

Adventure to Niagara Falls

Our journey takes us by bus to the breathtaking Niagara Falls. We cross the border into the USA and have the opportunity to explore the majestic falls on our own or with an organised tour. In the evening we take care of our bikes, receive important route information and enjoy dinner together.

Day 4

Monday, 19. August 2024

From Niagara Falls to Brockport (107 Km / 210 Hm)

Our journey begins right at the impressive Niagara Falls and takes us eastwards. This first stage is a gentle introduction to the tour and quickly leads us into the wild beauty of the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge. At 107 kilometres, it offers a perfect, flat route to "cycle in".

Day 5

Tuesday, 20. August 2024

From Brockport to Weedsport (143 Km / 210 Hm)

We continue our journey along the Great Lakes coast, crossing the Northern Wildlife Park and experiencing the majestic surroundings. Despite the slightly longer distance, the terrain is flat and easily manageable.

Day 6

Wednesday, 21. August 2024

From Weedsport to Utica (122 Km / 380 Hm)

Today it's "Go East" again as we pass through the charming town of Syracuse and explore the Cicero Swamp Wildlife Park. The trail along Oneida Lake finally leads us to the picturesque town of Utica.

Day 7

Thursday, 22. August 2024

From Utica to Corinth (149 Km / 1250 Hm)

We leave Utica and follow the Erie Canal before we start the ascent to Saint Johnsville. The challenge of about 300 metres of altitude is easily manageable thanks to moderate gradients of 5-7%. After this climb, we cycle undulating further along Great Saratoga Lake to the picturesque Hudson River in Corinth, where Lake Luzerne also unfolds its charm and certainly awakens feelings of home.

Day 8

Friday, 23. August 2024

From Corinth to Bennington (107 Km / 1080 Hm)

Our journey continues through the enchanting Vermont countryside. Along the picturesque Hudson River and through the enchanting Moreau Lake State Park we finally reach Greenwich (not in England, but in the heart of America) and on to Arlington before reaching our destination for the day in Bennington. This stage promises relaxed cycling in a charming environment.

Day 9

Saturday, 24. August 2024

From Bennington to Templeton (137 Km / 1830 Hm)

The day starts with a challenge as we climb 500 metres in altitude right at the beginning. But as soon as our legs are warmed up, we reach the state of Massachusetts. Where it goes up, an equally refreshing downhill awaits us until we reach Greenfield, where we cross the majestic Connecticut River. The road to Templeton takes us up and down through a varied landscape.

Day 10

Sunday, 25. August 2024

From Templeton to Boston (103 Km / 530 Hm)

Today it is called: "Off to Boston". A day to enjoy! It goes past rivers, lakes and small towns - directly into the metropolis of Boston.

Day 11

Monday, 26. August 2024

Day Off!

Boston is the largest city in New England and at the same time the cradle of American history. The metropolis combines past and modern, presents itself with a fabulous art and cultural landscape and great sights. We wish you a lot of fun while exploring!

Day 12

Tuesday, 27. August 2024

From Boston to Plymouth (115 Km / 780 Hm)

Over Peters Hill we say goodbye to Boston's fascinating skyline and enjoy a last, breathtaking view of the city. The fresh sea air of the Atlantic coast accompanies us on the way to Plymouth, and this stage is perfect for cycling in again after the rest day.

Day 13

Wednesday, 28. August 2024

From Plymouth to Canterbury (128 km / 990 Hm)

We leave the picturesque east coast and cross stunning landscapes on the way to Providence and finally Canterbury.

Day 14

Thursday, 29. August 2024

Canterbury to Southbury (141 km / 1630 m)


This stage takes us on beautiful road bike trails through a varied landscape, with a lively alternation of climbs and descents on the way to the finish.

Day 15

Friday, 30. August 2024

Southbury – Central Park / New York City (135 Km / 1070 Hm)

Our destination is the famous Central Park in New York City, with stunning views of the impressive Manhattan skyline. An unforgettable experience that guarantees goosebumps.

Day 16

Saturday, 31. August 2024

Time to explore New York!

We have a full day to explore the exciting metropolis of New York City. From the world famous skyscrapers in Manhattan to the green oases like Central Park, there is so much to see and experience. Visit iconic landmarks like the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square and Rockefeller Center. Or explore the cultural treasures at museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art. You certainly won't get bored today.

Day 17

Sunday, 01. September 2024


Return flight to Zurich or extension in New York

After all the exciting adventures, you have the choice between travelling back home or staying longer in the fascinating city of New York.



from CHF 5'440.00 incl. flight


Rental bikes

If you don’t want to bring your own bike, we also offer high-quality racing bikes of the noble brand Storck for our domestic cycling tours. Our bikes are equipped with Look or SPD pedals. Please bring other pedal systems with you. If you don’t want to do without your usual seating comfort, bring your saddle with you.

We will make sure that the bikes are safely looked after on the road.

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