Cycling goes Curling


Curling with Berni Attinger – The somewhat different event on 27 January 2024

Initiated and organized this Curling-Plausch Berni Attinger – Some of you know him from our annual “Schwiizer Rundi”.

Through the Attinger’s the real curling boom broke out in Switzerland. For years they were the role model for many curlers. But Berni will tell us more about it personally…

Only this much: He was the third player of the Swiss team that became European curling champion twice (1976, 1984) and won medals at the men’s world championships in 1979 and 1984 (silver) and 1974 (bronze). And if “broom” and “house” are still foreign words to you, you will almost be a curling expert after this day.

Curling in Dübendorf

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